Welcome to Disgruntled IT Guy, a survival guide for the IT professional trying to succeed in corporate America.  This blog is intended to increase the level of understanding between users and IT professionals in today’s corporate environment.  This is based solely on my real world experiences.  I would like to share what I have learned throughout my career so that maybe someone else may benefit from the knowledge I have acquired, often through error.

I hope the IT professional will gain a few pointers on how to present ideas and information to management.  I hope to educate the newcomer on how to communicate with the average user or manager.  The career path we have chosen comes with it a stigma of poor interpersonal skills or a general lack of communication skills altogether.  I think the real problem is we just speak a different language and what IT professionals find basic common knowledge isn’t necessarily as basic and common as we would like to believe.  Bridging this gap is a key factor to a successful career as an IT professional.  It doesn’t matter if you are a full time employee or a contractor, effective communication is the cornerstone.

From cubicles to closed door conferences, I hope you are able to learn from what I have observed, the knowledge I have learned, and the mistakes that I have made.